Letters and Trips

This weekend we received a letter from Nyamvula in Kenya.   I love that the letters we are receiving as of late seem more personal.   I am hopeful that it means the children are feeling more connected with us.  

In this letter Nyamvula thanks us for the photos and gifts that we sent.  She is happy to know that we love and pray for her and that we consider her part of our family.  She was glad to hear that Ethan and Adline's report was very good.   She is doing well in school and is assisting her parents in household chores while on holiday.

In other Compassion International news, there is a trip to Ecuador going on this week.   The bloggers will be sharing their experience with us through their writing.  These bloggers are amazing writers, I follow some of their blogs.   I can't wait to see what they have to share with us.    Each trip that I follow through other bloggers, makes me so excited for the day when I will be getting on a plane to see one of our children from around the world.   Until that time, I am glad that I can at least experience the other trips through the bloggers.

If you care to check out what is going on for this trip, follow the link below:

Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011

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