Random Thoughts On Our Week

Here is what is going on in our family this week.... a little random, but that is how the week is going. 

First, E's LEGO robotics team competes this weekend. 

This whole event has been a journey of growing, stretching, and giving.   It has challenged our family in more ways than I will share at this point, but we are near the end and the excitement and stress of it is at an all time high in our home this week.  Here's hoping for Saturday! 

Second,  a story about our Advent house.

Last night while doing all of the tasks that need to be done before going to bed, I asked Mark to put the candy in the Advent house and that I would make sure the bible verse got in there as well.   This morning I woke up and realized that I had forgotten to put in the verse, but thought that missing one day would be OK as I didn't divide up the story right and I am short five days anyway (I know.... I am asking myself how that happens.)   Anyway, both kids get up and we move upstairs to begin our day and open the Advent house.    It is Addy's day.   The gasps and excitement are not there this morning, rather I  hear "Where is the bible verse?.... There is no bible verse!"   I look at my daughter, tears threatening to spill down her rosy cheeks, and explain that I forgot but that we read devotions this morning, so we still had a verse today.   She wraps her arms around me and buries her head into me.   My heart breaks.   I lift her eyes to mine and ask if she would like me to get the verse that was supposed to be in there this morning.   She nods.   After my explaining that I didn't get the verses right, and our story ends before Christmas, she insists that I need to find five more bible verses, even if not Christmas story, so that each day has a verse.  I am humbled and in awe.   What a gift God has given me in these children who are his first, but a part of my life.  

Third, we received two letters from our Compassion children.  

One from Citlali in Mexico who starts her letter as follows:

"Citlali, an apostle of Christ by the will of God, the saints faithful in 
Jesus Christ that are in the world.  Hi!"

She took the phrase from Ephesians 1:1 to begin her letter to us.   She says she started this way because she likes serving the Lord.  (It brings a smile as I read.)  Her family is in health and she has excellent grades in school and has just competed in a science and technology contest in which she won at the regional level!   She includes a drawing with the caption "I'm the luckiest person, I have God and I have you!"  

The other letter is from Ronoldo in Indonesia, telling us that he helps her parents after school getting water from the well and getting firewood.  He tells us again that they are in the dry season and sends his regards to our family.   


Anytime one of us turns around, this is what we see: 

And, if you are not looking, you can certainly hear the tap, tap of the ball on the hardwoods as he drops it at our feet, his signal that he wants to play.  Pix has always enjoyed playing ball, but this week, it has become his passion and his focus.   I ask Mark where Pix gets his one track mind from..... well, we both know the answer to that one, and that is why this little guy is such a great fit in our family of focused, obsessive, almost OCD people.   

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