A Perfect Beginning

They come shuffling down the stairs, eyes barely open and snuggle in next to me on the couch.   I lean over, kiss them each on their head, breathing them in.    After a big yawn, Addy asks me to read devotions.   We are on day 10 of the Christmas carols devotions.   I love that they are enjoying these readings as much as I am.   

Today's carol, Do You Hear What I Hear?  We talked about how the news of Jesus' birth was spread through the country, from one person to another, by word of mouth.  The questions for discussion ask what God has taught us lately.   If we share what we are learning with others, they will learn about God.    Their responses to what God is teaching them are touching.  

E has learned in Sunday school how little some people pray and how we can't build a relationship with God that way.   He states that if we only spend a minute in prayer each day, then that is half an hour of communication each month, that is not enough time to make a best friend. 

Addy mentions that God shows us where to go if we are listening, her example, being in a maze with a walkie talkie, someone tells us to go right, we choose to go left and come to a dead end.   We then have to walk back to where we were and go right like we were told.  

Fifteen minutes of talking about God, His love, and listing to our heavenly father.   These moments can not be manufactured or made, which makes them all the more sweet when they do happen.   I celebrate the young people that our children are becoming and the love they have for their creator and God.  

It was a perfect way to start our Wednesday. 

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