Five Minute Friday: Connected

The stress of the season threatened to spill into the calm that I have been so diligently protecting.   I am encouraged that I have made it this close to Christmas before the stress came knocking on my door.    Yesterday, it not only knocked on that door, it barged right in, taking the door off the hinges and settled right in the middle of my calm.    Gone, the connection to everything I had been holding to, was gone.   It felt like it was miles away, never to be seen again.  

I woke up this morning, the stress greeting me as my feet hit the floor.   As I sat with Mark this morning, he knew something was wrong.   Looking me in the eyes, he asked what was wrong.    The flood gates open and I told him the stress is here and I am frustrated that the calm has so easily disappeared.    As we share our cup of coffee and he listens, I feel the connection that we share when we start our day.    A time to touch base on the day ahead.  


Today's project, making cupcakes for the Christmas celebration with extended family tonight.   I put on Sara Grove's Christmas album, a friend has highly recommended it, and I listen to the words.   Words about our Savior.   Ah yes, I sing along as the calm seeps back in and again, I feel connected.  

Today, coffee and cupcakes, have connected me with two of the most important aspects of my life.

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