Five Minute Friday: Color

It has been awhile, but today I am joining Lisa-Jo in her Five  Minute Friday again.  If you care to join me check it out here

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I love color.  In fact I love color so much that the walls in my house are painted some pretty bold colors.   My dining room is green, as green as the summer grass or the top of a pool table.   Our living room and family room have robin egg blue.   Addy's room is "Racer pink" probably better described as fuschia.   E's room also done in color sports a bold blue, think of the blue painter's tape.   All bold colors and I love them all. 

I love spring, summer, and fall because of the colors that are displayed in my garden and the surround areas.   Bright reds, yellows, purples... any color of the rainbow, you name it, I love it.   A friend once told me that she had read that enjoying color is a way to celebrate God's creation!!   No wonder I love so many of the colors and in nature.   

I used to call winter the colorless season.   The trees now bare raise their brown branches to the gray sky.   The grass, now dormant, is under a white blanket of snow.     However, the other morning as I was coming home from the gym, it was the time when the sun is just about to come over the horizon, but is not there just yet.   As I looked at the sky, I noticed that the sky was not actually pitch black, rather there was a mix of dark blue and purple in it as well.   My God, the great artist of life, had painted the sky with some color, and I took that moment to stand in his presence, admire his work, and say thank you for color. 


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