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I am sitting, for just a moment to catch my breath in what has been a crazy, busy, hectic, (you name it) week, and the week ahead does not hold any promise of slowing down.   But I am learning that it is just the pace of life I live... I guess.  

Anyway, since I have last written a post, we have received four letters!   What joy and excitement there was last Thursday when I opened my mailbox and found three letters from our children around the world.   The fourth arrived on Friday! 

We heard from Ronaldo in Indonesia in which he finally answered my question about his water source!   They have to draw the water from a distance that is very far from their house.   He says they are in the dry season where he lives.   He asks what season we are in now, and this is really neat because it is the first question he has asked about us in the two and a half years we have been writing letters.  School and studies are very important to Ronaldo, and we found out he is not in 7th grade in Middle school. 

 The other three letters are from Vivek in India, he says the weather is cold right now, he is in "class 10" and doing well in his studies.   He thanked us for the gift, which I can only imagine is his Christmas gift because his birthday is next month.  He purchased a Donga set, which if I am not mistaken is the  red dishes pictured, bed sheets, and a dinner set.  

photo found here

 He also purchased a tiffin box (pictured on the right).  When pulling up the tiffin box on google, this video came up.   I thought it was interesting, not sure how much of it relates to where Vivek lives since he lives in a small village, but I learned what a tiffin box is used for.  

He closes with this:  "I was really in need of all these things.  I am very thankful to you for your help."

Again, I am reminded of the blessings we have, and one of those blessings is the children in our lives with whom we can share not only sponsorships and Christmas gifts, but we can share love, encouragement, and prayers.   For that I am grateful because without Him, we would not have the connection with these children like we do.  

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