Back Into the Swing of Things

Two weeks have gone by since I have written.  It wasn't for lack of things happening in our family that kept me from writing, rather the opposite.   As I am sure happens to many people around the holidays, the schedule, the to-do list, and the errands kept me more than busy.    That was the first week of my two week break.    The second week, I took a whole week to be with my family.    I don't say that lightly.   Mark typically takes the week between Christmas and New Year's Day off and we spend the time together, but usually there are big projects to complete or I have a list of things a mile long that I want to get done during that time.  

This year was different.   This year, we spent time together focused on each other, and it was probably one of the best breaks (around Christmas) that we have ever had.   Our Christmas celebrations were all completed by the end of the day on Christmas Eve due to extended family schedules.   I woke up on Christmas day in a little bit of a funk due to this, but it ended up to be a really great day.   We headed up to my parents and had a quiet day playing the newest obsession in our family, Words With Friends.  Sunday began the week of time focused mainly on the kids and what they wanted to do. 

We went sledding with friends which included a snowball making contest and mini fight.  The weather was perfect with a bright blue sky, it could not have been a better day.   

We made snowmen as a family.   I hate to admit, it is the first snowman I have ever made it in my life, and it was so much fun.   The kids and I rolled a snowball so big that we could not move it any further.   Pixel was not sure who had invaded his backyard and barked at the snowmen at first. 

We played the new games that the kids received for Christmas which include Clue, Monopoly, Sorry Sliders, and Connect Four. 

Of course there were a couple games of Catan, one night with family and friends, and one night Ethan was able to join in much to his delight.  

The week break that we had together was the time our family needed to get back in sync with each other after the very busy Fall that we came though.    Hopefully we can stay that way for awhile!   :) 


  1. Your snow people are awesome! Such fun! I am a little envious that you were so deliberate and intentional about it and took the whole full week off just to stay and play and "be".

  2. Thanks Kar! I am learning a lot about "family time" and what it looks like for our family. It has been a good year for me in that sense.

  3. A game you might like to play with the kids is called Carcassonne. We got it for Natalie for Christmas and have all played together. It's a placing land tiles strategy type game (seems like your style since you play Settlers a lot - but it's much easier!).

  4. Thanks Jen, we will have to check it out! E played his first game of Catan over the break and did pretty good. I think the other scenarios might be too difficult yet though. Thanks for the recommendation.