What Do I Really "Need"?

Today we received another letter from India.    Two days ago, a letter telling us about Vivek's bible studies that he is in and thanking us for the pictures from Arizona arrived.   This proves to me that the communication between us and our children is slow at best, being that I sent those pictures six months ago, but I am very happy that the pictures brought enjoyment to Vivek.   

The second letter brought a whole new dimension to what we as a family are doing for these children.   Part of our contribution to these children since we don't financially sponsor all of them is to send birthday money for each of them.   Today's letter was a thank you note for Vivek's birthday gift.   The letter reads as follows:

"I bought pant shirt, shoes and Jacket."

"I like it because my previous old clothes were torned from some places, I even don't have new sandle to wear on free time.  Winter season is near so I took shoes and Jacket as gifts from your side on my birthday.  For your love and care I with my whole family thank you for everything.   May God Bless you fulfill all your needs and worries. "

This letter arrives at our house on a week where I am wondering what life will look like in certain areas this year.  What does summer look like?  What about after that?   In reality, what matters is that God is providing.   My needs-- the basics of life-- are taken care of.   God has always provided and I need to have faith in that.  

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