Oh Yes They Are.....

A friend of mine told me this weekend that my children are exemplary.   Humbled but not wanting to exaggerate anything, I told her it was a big word for anyone.  

However, tonight my children proved to me that they really are exemplary.  While I was teaching tonight, they took it upon themselves to clean the toy room.   This is a job they absolutely detest.  It has created fights between myself and them and also between themselves.   But tonight in wanting to "make me happy" they cleaned it without me asking, and now.....  now we can see the floor and everything is organized, and now, as before.....   I am a mom of truly wonderful children.


  1. Good job E and Addy! Not much else makes a momma as happy than cheerful, willing helpers!

  2. See... I dare you to prove me wrong! :-)