Much Needed

As the speed of life kicked into full force after the nice relaxing holidays, we have for the past four weeks found ourselves running, running, running.   Not a pace I like to keep life at, but it seems inevitable right now.  So, we say a prayer, put a smile on our face and do the best we can. 

With a long weekend due to end of quarter for the kids at school and Mark taking a day of work, we have had three days to just take a breath and enjoy life again.   Friday we went to the cities just to get out of town for a little while.   It was a nice day away.   We didn't do anything majorly exciting to tell you about, just got away.     

Saturday I spent the day making a big pot of soup for dinner.   I have been craving this soup for some time, but with the busy schedule have not had time to make it.   My parents came over and we had a nice visit.  After a great workout at the gym and a great church service today, we came home and have done absolutely nothing except enjoy each other and doing the things we each want to do.  

Friday night as I was sitting next to Mark, he asked me what I was thinking.   I looked at him and for the first time in a month I could honestly say that my mind was calm.   It wasn't running with thoughts, schedules, work, etc.   It was quiet.   I savored the feeling.  Tonight as the weekend comes to a close, I am fighting the busyness away as my mind keeps trying to process the week ahead.   I know it is busy and we will be running like crazy again, but right now, as I sit in my family room with my kids playing wii and Mark reading a book, I am not ready to take on the week just yet.   Monday will come soon enough and I can process it all then.

For now, the calm is going to rule for a few more hours as I continue to enjoy the weekend that was much needed for all of us.

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