Friday Already or Finally Friday?

This week has been crazy.   In one sense, I can't believe it is Friday already.  The days have been full and busy and flown by.   In another sense, it is Finally Friday.   Do you ever have a week like that?   

I made my goal of getting to the DAHLC every day this week.   Yesterday and today were obviously the hardest days of the week.  Yesterday I wanted to turn the alarm off and roll over rather than greet the day head on at 4:50 on a dark, cold morning.  But I made it and had a great workout and conversation with my dad.   Today was physically hard.  I felt like I was going to be sick, but I pushed through it and had my highest calorie burn day yet wrapping up the week with a grand total of 2,945 calories burned this week.   Knowing that number makes the early mornings worth it this week!   Every morning I tell E how many calories I burned at the gym and his supportive response is always "Wow, Mom!"   Today, my dear son, knowing I am always reaching for higher and better asked me if my next goal was to burn 800 calories in one day.   Today, that number didn't seem all that far away.... two months ago, I thought it was impossible.  

It was great to see most of my piano students again this week and see the joy in their faces as we talked about Christmas and what they did with their time off.   I loved being with my family and having time with them, but it is good to be back with my students again as well. 

I have been in the grips of a book that I could not put down.   It had me engaged to the very last page.   If you are looking for a great read sometime, check out Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.   Excellent read!   

Mark and I have had some great conversations this week about our family, our future, and about learning who we are and where we have come from.  

Today I am anxiously awaiting 3:30 when I will have my car full of women from my small group as we head to the cities for a weekend away.   The weekend has the promise to be a great weekend, and I am looking forward to some extra time with my friends. 

The week has been busy and eventful and there are some things that deserve more time and conversation about, but at this point in my day, they will have to wait.   I have to get my bag in the car and get ready to go!  


  1. Redeeming Love is probably my all-time favorite book, and I now I have read almost everything by Francine Rivers!! If only she could write faster. I now have found Liz Curtiss Higgs who has a similiar writing style of mixing historical fiction and elaborating on stories in the Bible.


  2. Andrea,

    I also like reading Liz Curtiss Higgs. I am anxiously to read her newest one! A good book for a summer day on my deck I think. :)