Family Day

Today we decorated sugar cookies.   It is a "tradition" that a lot of families have, but honestly, we have never done with our children.   I take the blame for it completely as the thoughts of the mess of decorating have always scared me away from making it happen.   This year though, decorating sugar cookies was just something I really wanted to do with the kids.   I baked cookies yesterday and this morning and we frosted this afternoon.   Truthfully, it was better than I had expected, but there was still mess involved, perhaps that is part of the fun of it....

Everyone waiting for me to get everything ready for the decorating.  

Almost ready.... Table is set, just a few more things to do. 

 Kids are patiently waiting....

 And we begin.....

Finished Product....   Looks good!  

We then took the kids shopping for their gifts for each other.   This is perhaps one of my favorite shopping times.   They each take this time very seriously and it is fun to see what they pick out for each other.  

The perfect ending to a day getting ready for Christmas, we all sit in our pajamas and watched "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."


  1. The cookies look great and looks like you all had fun!
    I can totally relate to the not wanting to make a mess part. My kids got to make & decorate cookies at our aunt's house today so someone else's kitchen got messy!

  2. We did have fun Jen. Hopefully your decorating day was fun as well! :)