Weekend in Review

Snow, snow and more snow.   Snowed in for a weekend, I was able to get a lot of things done and caught up in between the many times I was out moving snow.  

Presents are wrapped, Christmas cards go in the mail tomorrow, laundry is done, and played wii with the kids.  It is Sunday night, I do not feel like I had a quiet weekend at home, rather I am very tired and about to head to bed.   But I wanted to share with you an experience that we had on Friday night.  

One of my mom's friends from high school came to visit on Friday night.   Mom invited us to come to her house for dinner so we could visit and meet, again, her friends.   The last time I saw these friends, I was a little girl.   I remember vaguely the visit because the friends had just gotten married.  The wife's family is from India.   What I remember about their visit when I was younger is her hands.   They still had the henna tattoos that is custom for the wedding ceremony.   The designs were beautiful, intricate, and to my very intriguing and different.     This time, I was able to introduce my family to my mom's friends.

My mom's friends are missionaries in India.   I was so excited to be able to talk with them and learn from them some more about the country one of our Compassion children is from.   It was so fun to show them the letters that we have received, which they were able to read the writing without the translations.   We learned about the climate, some of the foods, and some of the living conditions.   I so completely enjoyed the evening, the conversation, and getting to know some more people. 

Here is the picture of the child we correspond with in India. 

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