Family Reading

When I started the bible reading plan that I am currently on a couple of weeks ago, Mark quickly jumped in and started reading it with me so that we could talk about what we were reading.   E, upon hearing this quickly grabbed his iPod and signed up for the same reading plan.   I asked Addy if she would like to join us telling her that I would read the daily passages to her, and she was excited.  

As it happens, the time that I end up reading the passages to Addy, we are all gathered around, and it has become a family devotion time.   I am loving it!    (If you missed the previous post where I talked about the reading plan, we are reading an overview of the bible in 100 days.)  

The day has been long, I was tired and the kids were extra hyper tonight.  As I looked at the scheduled reading for today, I wondered how we would get through the six chapters that we needed to read.  My original thoughts we would just read a couple of chapters, the kids could go to bed and I could get some down time.  As it turned out, the reading was about Moses and the plagues in Egypt, and we made it through all six chapters.  We had fun guessing/remembering the order of the plagues.  

After the reading we talked about what we had read.   I was so excited about the answers and thoughts that the kids were putting into the discussions.   They weren't just answering the questions I was asking, they were giving some good thoughts about them as well!   I love to have discussions like that!  

We ended the night with prayer and we each prayed for one other person in our family.   I know it is one of those nights that I will never be able to put into words, but I am looking forward to the next time it happens.  On a day that I was dragging and in a mood that was less than good, the day ended in such a great way! 

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