Those Waiting for a Sponsor

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, this month I am joining many bloggers as we help Compassion International on a sponsorship goal.  I want to let you know about one of my favorite pages on Compassion's website.   It is the page that shows all of the children waiting for sponsors.   (Check it out here.)    This page offers you the option to see many children waiting for sponsors, or if you prefer, you can use the search functions to find children by:
  • Gender
  • Country/Region
  • Birthdate
  • Age Range
  • Longest Waiting 
  • Affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Orphaned

I have used these search functions when searching for our children that we sponsor.   The first two children that we sponsored through Compassion where chosen using the age range as we wanted a boy about E's age and a girl about Addy's age.   Our third sponsored child was chosen because of her birthday, the same day Mark and I were married.  

I visit this page often to pray for children still waiting for sponsors.  Some days, I scroll through the general pages, lifting up the children who are still waiting for sponsors.   Other days, I will search for a child using the search functions, and pray for them based on a search.   Perhaps a child's birthday is today and I want to pray for them on their birthday.  

I want to encourage you to check out the page of children waiting for a sponsor.   Perhaps today is just a day to pray for all of the children waiting, or perhaps there will be a little face that will touch your heart in a special way, and you can pray for that little one.   Maybe, much like we found our children, there will be a child that you are praying for and they will become part of your family as you may decide to sponsor a child.  Either way, I hope you take time to visit the page.  The kids and I have fun looking at the pictures, reading the short bios, and learning that these children are not all that different than us even though their living conditions are very different.  

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