Vacuumed Stairs

I vacuumed my stairs yesterday.    I know this probably does not seem like blog worthy material, but for me it is a big deal.   It was the first time in the month since school has started that I have had both the time and the energy to even contemplate attacking this project.   For some reason, the stairs being vacuumed is a big deal to me.   The house can be picked up and the bathrooms cleaned, but if I see that my stairs are dirty, it really bothers me.   Don't ask me why.   It is not like I look at the stairs of other houses that I walk into, actually, I never even think about it, but for some reason, mine are a constant reminder to me about my home.  But I digress. 

September has been an intense month, new schedules, new jobs, new classes, and new teachers.  Nothing, it seems, is the same.  The evenings are now filled not only with homework, piano lessons, rock drums, percussion lessons, and soon dance lessons, but also the many things I used to get done during the day time when I was home.   I am not complaining as I know there are many families who do this same routine, it is just very different for our family.   It has taken a lot of getting used to, but we are getting there.  

Amid the busyness and chaotic schedules, there has been so much that has been good.  Both of the kids are doing well with their new schedules, E at middle school, and Addy with the before school care.   Both are making new friends and challenging themselves in school, with music, reading, and math.   And both are exceeding my expectations.  What more can I ask for?   I am able to be home when the kids are home for the most part and help them with homework, something that I didn't have the opportunity to do before. 

I have the opportunity to work with some exceptional young people.  I had no idea I would be able to work with these young lives in the way that I am. I am able to assist in language classes by reading books, math class by helping with math problems, and assessing skills for the work force in the work based learning classes.  I am realizing what Mark hoped would be true, I am learning to love my new job. 

Another gift, the sunrise.   It is not that I am getting up any earlier, but rather than I happen to be driving to work while God is painting some absolutely breath taking sunrises.  As my car heads East, I have a full view of the colorful hues that begin each day.   One morning the clouds looked as if they were lined in liquid gold, set against a yellow, orange, and blue background.   Of course, a picture cannot capture the stunning scene.  It is a moment each day when I connect with God, giving him thanks for the blessings and asking him to walk beside me through the day.   And he does not fail. 

After the intense month of adjusting to the new way of life, yesterday I took time to wake up without an alarm, enjoy a cup of coffee with the love of my life while my puppy snoozed on my lap.   Then I vacuumed my stairs because I had time and energy to, and that felt good.   It felt good to do something "normal" or at least what I felt was "normal" from life before chaos. 

Tomorrow brings a new month and a hope that by the time we end that month, I will feel a little more of "normal" return to life.  


  1. this is too funny...because I just said to myself about 30 minutes ago..."man, these stairs really really need to be vacuumed!" and made it a goal to find time this week to do just that. There is something about freshly vacuumed stairs isn't there? kinda like a washed car.

    So glad you are enjoying your new normal and things are settling in for you! (altho, we really miss our piano lessons and the chance to say hi every week if even for a few minutes)

    1. Ah, a washed car, especially one that has been vacuumed inside, another one of my things. :) I miss our chance to say Hi every week also. I hope everyone is doing well!