Happy Birthday Addy

My dear Addy, today as we celebrate you and everything you bring to our family on your birthday.  You have a great sense of humor which keeps us all laughing.   Even on some of the toughest days, your sense of humor can shine through and bring a smile to our faces.  You especially know how to make your brother laugh, it brings me so much joy to hear you both enjoying each other. 

Creativity is so natural for you.   From the day you first picked up a crayon, you have been one that creates.   Whether it is a picture, a card, or a sculpture, our house is full of your "touch" of creativity.   I enjoy seeing the world from your point of view through your creativity, it opens up my mind and my world.  

You have a positive outlook on life.   Many days, the smile that is on your face when you wake up is still so apparent at night when you go to bed.   You live life to the fullest, enjoying what each day brings, and finding the best that can be found in each day.   You don't let much get you down, often reminding me how to find the fun in each day. 

From the moment that you were placed in my arms, I knew God had given our family a gift.   He gave us a wonderful life to complete our family, someone who bring us so much joy and love.   I enjoy the relationship that we have and look forward to many years of friendship as you continue to become the wonderful young lady that God has intended you to be. 

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