A Letter To God

Dear God,

There isn't a day that goes by that these children aren't on my mind.   In the quiet moments when I am sitting, I wonder what they are doing at that same exact moment.   I think about them in the morning when I am getting ready for the day, and I hope and pray that they will feel your love as they begin their day.   They are one of the last thoughts on my mind at night during our conversations, as I pray for your protection over them.  When I am outside enjoying your glorious creation, so many times I wish they could be standing next to me sharing the same view. 

I can't tell you how much these children mean to me.   They have brought so much joy and love into my life.   I had no idea when Mark brought up sponsorship in February of 2009 how much I would fall in love with these young lives.   I was scared when we first began sponsoring these children because I didn't want to begin something that we couldn't keep up or commit to for the entire time they needed us.  I was completely unsure what to expect, but I took a step of faith, and began sponsoring our first two children.   I couldn't wait to write them a letter, to send them some information about our family, and to learn about them.  

I still remember the first letter we received, and the joy that just completely filled my soul when the letter was in my mailbox, I literally jumped for joy.   I could not wait to learn about this new little girl that we had sponsored.  And that is where the story begins.   A story of building a relationship.   A relationship that is built on love, prayers, and letters.  

I wondered how much I would come to love these children that we sponsor.   I wondered what impact if any that our family would have on their lives or them on mine.  Because of them, our children understand that the world is really not that big.  My children know that the children growing up around the world play games, draw pictures, sing songs, and love you just the same as they do.  They understand that our world is bigger than just our home, our street, our city, our state, and our country.   I value that our children understand that when it seems like others seem to have more than we do, that you have truly blessed our family in abundance.  These are lessons that they have learned from our children around the world. 

These children have changed my life in so many ways.  I know that their prayers that they close each letter with are heard and answered by you.   I have seen results of that in my life.   I love sharing bible verses and bible stories with them, just like I do with my own children.    I get excited about the stories of passed exams, promotions into the next grades or levels, and about their hobbies and interests.   It never ceases to amaze me how love grows.   There is always enough love to give, and there is always more love to share.  

I have to admit, I wondered how long the excitement about the sponsorships would last.   I wondered when the letter writing would become a task, and when the fact that these children are many miles away would affect the relationship, but again, you have amazed me.   Nearly three and a half years later, and with seven children between sponsor and correspondent children,  I am still so very excited to write letters and communicate with them.   I still think of them constantly and pray for them daily.   

Thank you God, for this journey we are on with these precious lives around the world that are connected to our family because of you.   You have brought each special person into our lives, and each one is very much a blessing. 


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