First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for three of us in this house.  

E began his first day of middle school, where in the world has the time gone?!?!  He got on the city bus, made it to school on time and did great.   He met one new young man who is in most of his classes and also plays percussion.  His favorite class, Science.  Why?  Because he could sit anywhere he wanted.   (Ah, the important things in life!)   He is excited about the class that uses the iPads, but thinks that class is going to be an easy A as today they learned where the power button is and how to slide the button to unlock the iPad, "Things I do EVERY morning."   At the very end of the conversation, E commented that he likes middle school better than elementary school, whew! 

Addy had her first day of School Age Child Care to begin her first day of school.   She said the morning was good, but quiet.   She loves her new teacher, they had Popsicles, and sang songs.   She is the recycling helper in the classroom this week, although she "doubt(s) there will be much recycling this week."   She has two or three friends in her class, but "sits by ALL boys!"

Today was not technically my first day of my new job, but it felt like it.  I worked only fourteen days last May before school was let out for the summer.  (Not a bad gig really!)  I returned to a building full of staff that has overwhelmed me with how kind and nice they are.   I met some of the new ninth graders coming in, which I really enjoyed.  Around noon, I met up with the students I would be working with this year.  I was so excited to see them and find out about their summers. 

Luckily my day was so busy I didn't have long to think about that this was the first time I was missing dropping off my children for their first days of school.   That was a big change for me.   As they headed off to their respective schools, I was getting in the car to head to mine, but I knew they would get there as they were in very capable hands.   


  1. I was thinking about you all yesterday - wondering how your first days were going! So glad that all went well. I meant to drop you a text but just never had a chance - Enjoy your second day!

  2. Thanks Kar! The second day was good as well! I hope you have had a good start to the school year as well, a lot of changes for you also. :)

  3. Ok .... we really need to catch up with everyone....where are you working?

    1. Cheri, We do have a lot to catch up on! :) I am working as a paraprofessional at one of the high schools here in town.