One to Remember

Summer is winding down and school is just around the corner.  For the first time in years, I will be returning to school with the kids.   Honestly, I have never been excited for the start of school, I love the time with the kids and the relaxed schedule.  This summer has been different though.   As Mark put it, it is one that if possible, I would put it in a bottle and keep it on the shelf, never to forget.   Our summer was full, like most every summer, but it was a different kind of full.

Full of Family.   We focused on family time this summer, with a family vacation, Mark taking many days off of work, and I was able to be home everyday with the kids this summer.   Mark and I had a week together while the kids were at camp, it was like a second honeymoon.   The time has been good and much needed coming off a busy school year last year.

Full of Relaxation.   There was no agenda this summer.   As much as I tried to put myself on one at the beginning of the summer, it just didn't happen.   I realize now, I needed it, deep down at a soul level I was parched and exhausted.    I feel rested, revived, and truthfully I am seeing the difference it is making in my life. 

Full of Books.   I have spent the summer reading.   I have read a record number of books this summer, taking me to different places, learning about different people.   It has been a fun way for me to relax.  Perhaps I will have to share about some of the books that changed my life in another post.

Full of Change.   I ended my ten year career as a piano teacher, one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.   We are getting ready for middle school, years that scare me, not because of who my son is, but just because of what those years are in a young person's life.   We have a young daughter who desperately needs to be stimulated and challenged, which is proving to be a challenge for this mom, but I am excited about some new opportunities for her.   Mark continues with school, and we are looking at that addition of busyness to the normal busy schedule that reigns during the school year. 

The summer is over, and yet, I am not depressed.   It has been a very, very good summer.   A gift of time and family.   A time of relaxation and rest.

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