Letter Writing Exercise

The summer has been pretty quite for us as far as letters from our Compassion family, but last week we received two letters from two of our children. One was from Citlali who is set to graduate from the program next year. I was watching the calendar sad that the time is so quickly approaching. As it appears, I was not the only one watching that, she mentions the completion in her letters as well. This letter is full of answers to the questions I have been asking. I am both sad and encouraged by this letter. Three years of corresponding and it finally feels like a relationship is building which is very encouraging but sad as the year will go quickly. I know she will do great things with her life. She has a heart for God and loves to share the good news with younger children. She constantly write about working in Sunday school classes or summer camps with children. She is reading Second Timothy and "wish(es) we could read it together."

In a letter from Mary Grace, she writes about how proud of E and Addy she is as they do well "in their studies." Continued thanks for the love that she says she feels, she says that we "inspire" her. Again, I feel the relationship forming with this young life across the world. While we celebrated our thirteenth anniversary yesterday, she celebrated her thirteenth birthday. It was a special day for both of us.

I haven't had and/or taken the time to pull a packet together for our children in a while. I have been writing faithfully and sending a picture here or there, but not like what I used to do. So yesterday, the kids and I sat down and got busy creating a fun mailing. I wanted the kids to share about their experience at camp. I asked each of them to write a letter about their week.

I assembled a craft project for the girls and baseball cards and notepads for the boys. E bought each of the kids, my mom's two included, a postcard from camp. I was so touched that he thought to remember them while away. Addy drew a picture. The packets are almost ready for mailing, I just have to write a letter to go with them.

As a side note, I watched both of my children struggle with sharing their week at camp in writing. E got very frustrated when his note was not what he though it should or could be and Addy finally chose a picture to express her week. As I watched these struggles, I have more appreciation for what our Compassion children go through, especially the younger ones when it comes time for them to write their letters to us. I imagine that the excitement of receiving a letter is far more fun and exciting than when they are asked to sit and write a letter to us. I am convinced this is a good exercise or practice for the kids. Definitely something I think we will do again.

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