Church Camp

They are on their way.   This is the first year that either of them have gone to church camp.  The week was filled with preparations, many trips to the store, much excitement, and a little anxiety thrown in the mix.  

They left this morning, one is all smiles ready for a week away, one is a little hesitant. The house will be quiet this week without their laughter and bubbly personalities.  But I am praying that they will make new friends, come to know God on a deeper level, and have a great week away. 

As for Mark and I.  We have a week of vacation time with just the two of us, and I am excited about that as well. 

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  1. I have to admit I am a little envious of the thought of a week in my own home without any kids. It sounds quiet and heavenly and maybe a little lonesome. (but not too much ;-) The most I have ever had is 30 hours.

    We were so disappointed that the girls couldn't go to camp this year (family commitment on both the start and end of the week that we weren't willing to have them miss) so hopefully next year! Enjoy your week!