Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is drawing to a close and I have yet to post what I am thankful about.   The weekend was full of family visits, shopping, playing games, and kids playing with their cousin. 

As for what I am thankful for:

Mark--I am thankful for the wonderful man who is my soul mate, my friend, and a source of strength in my life.

My Children--I am thankful for my children, two very special gifts from God, who bring so much joy to my life and are great young people to be around.

Pix--I am thankful for this little guy and the joy that he has brought into my life this year.  He is always happy to see me, cuddles when I need it, and was a great addition to our family this year.

My Parents--I am thankful for constant love and support in my life and that we are now friends, a gift that I do not take for granted.  

My Sister--I am thankful for the friend that has loved me, supported me, and been there through all of the ups and downs of life.   

Compassion Children--I am thankful that our family extends around the world now.   I love the connection that E and Addy feel with our Compassion Children and that we are all connected through God.

My Jesus--I continually stand in awe at his love and grace.   As I look back at the person I was, I am so thankful for the person he is helping me to become.

Friends--I am thankful for the friends that I have.  The support, love, and laughs that we share in life are so important in my life.

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