Last week I listened to a presentation on passion.  The presenter had put a wonderful power point presentation together on passion complete with quotes, pictures, and songs.   I wish I could give you more details about the it, but honestly it was presented during a spinning class and I was paying more attention to keeping up with the others in the class even though this was my first class.   I do remember these things about the presentation:

A picture of Lance Armstorng

A picture of Apolo Ohno

There were also pictures of the most passionate "famous" kisses from movies and art.  Unfortunately due to the class time, I had to leave before the end of the presentation, but I guess it ended with a picture of the Mayo Brothers. 

I think about all of these people and more, and look at their lives and what they have done with their lives, all I can say is... "Wow!"  These people live, breathe, and dream something until it is accomplished.   I admire this about them.  

Coincidentally enough, I had been wanting to read Apolo Ohno's book, Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday.  I purchased the book last Thursday and began the book on Saturday.   Talk about getting in the mind of someone who is passionate!    I am not yet through the book so will save my review of it for later, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. 

Yesterday I listened to Scott Harrison's story, the founder and president of Charity: Water.   Another phenomenal story.   If you have not heard his story,  please check it out here

Scott, after visiting Africa, began a drive to bring clean water to one billion people.   He recreated what a charity looks like and because of bringing clean water to people, is bringing health and a chance to earn an income. 

Both passionate in a very different way, Apolo and Scott have made me ask the question of myself, what am I passionate about?   Do I live each day like like there is no tomorrow?  Do I live each day with "zero regrets"?    The answer is no, but I am trying.   Of course I am passionate.   I passionately love my husband and my children.   Each day I strive to make their lives as easy and as enjoyable as possible.   I hope to give my children the best possible foundation that I can so they can succeed in the future.  I am passionate about my students and that they have the best opportunity to express music and the gift that it is.  I am passionate about the friendships in my life and aiming to be a good friend.  I am passionate about our Compassion children, wanting them to have a better life, looking forward to when I will see them, in heaven if not here on earth.  Above all, however, I am passionate about my God.   Each day I want to become who he has made me to be.   Each day I walk with him, wanting the world to see his love though my life.   In Apolo's book he says,

"Every single on of us has a path to travel.  Everything happens for a reason.  This I believe.... I profoundly believe God has a plan for me." 

I don't know exactly where life will take me as my course is not as clearly defined as some.   But I keep building on the things that I am passionate about, and I may not touch the lives of millions or even billions, but perhaps I can share my love and passion for God, even if it is with just a few.  

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