Today I had to opportunity to work the Compassion International table at the Hearts at Home conference.  I had been looking forward to today ever since the email asking for volunteers was sent a little over two weeks ago.  My previous experience of hosting a Compassion table was almost two years ago at our church during a teaching series.   It was so fun to stand behind the table and watch as people would select a child, who is in need, to take home and provide a chance at a better life.    Earlier this week I found out that a friend of mine was volunteering at the same time, I was even more excited!

It was such a blessing today to stand at the table and watch again as children were sponsored.   It was fun and interesting to see how people chose the child that they did.   Some chose them based on their own children's birthdays so they would be similar ages.   Another person chose based on a location, or because the child had been waiting for almost a year for a sponsor.   Some read all of the information about the child, matching interests or just to see what the child liked.  There were a couple of people who walked up to the table and just picked up a packet without looking at the picture or the information.  No matter what it was that made each person pick the child or children that they did, I could not help but stand at the table and thank God that these children were getting help that they so need.   What a blessing that today while we were helping at the table nearly 50 children were sponsored!  


  1. yay! that's so amazing :D congrats on so many children sponsored. what a blessing to those kids. and i do agree, it's fun to watch people pick a child to sponsor. often thy don't even realise how drastically they are changing somebody's life. so cool :D

    ~ Acolyte

  2. Acolyte,

    It is very cool. I completely agree with you about how people probably don't realize how much they are changing somebody's life.