A Little Late

I know, I know, Halloween is over and the costumes are put away.   I have been so busy I didn't get to share the kids' costumes with you so, I am going to take a brief minute on this wonderful November day to do that.  

E decided that he was going to be Shaun White this year for Halloween, who could blame him?  Shaun White is the best!   The things he can do on a snowboard make me want to get out on one....almost.   The catch to this costume was to find the red hair that Shaun has, and we did!  

For the parade at school E decided that wearing a winter coat inside for an hour, so we gathered up some knee and elbow pads, a helmet, and a skateboard, and voila!   Another great person in sports.... Tony Hawk!
In this picture E is standing by his teacher Mrs. Kuisle who dressed as the Queen of Hearts and played the character to the hilt with accent and all!  

Addy became a beautiful Renaissance queen and was dazzling in her long hooped skirt dress and crown.   She received a lot of comments on her gown.

For trick-or-treating, Rae-Rae joined the kids as Elmo and quickly got the hang of saying Trick-or-Treat, Thank you, and "next house!"   


  1. Awesome costumes! Addy is lovely and I love E's too - so original! Did you know that Shaun White was born with a heart defect very similar to Wren's? Very inspiring!

  2. Thanks Karyn! We did know about Shaun White's heart defect being similar to Wren's, it is a very inspiring story and he is a great role model! It is fun to watch him do so much in life.