No Sweat

It was one of those moments that a person has when something profound happens and you can remember for a long time where you were, what you were doing, what you were thinking at the exact moment when a major event happens.   For example, I can tell you exactly where I was when I heard the news that a plane had flown into the twin towers.  I am talking about a moment like that.  One that I can distinctly remember happened on January 1, 2006.   After celebrating the beginning of another year watching the ball drop, I was laying in bed thinking about my New Year's Resolutions.   Up to that point I had never really set resolutions for fear of breaking them or the thought that I may forget about them a month later.   As I laid in the dark room contemplating what I most wanted to  happen, I came upon one resolution.  I wanted to loose weight.   After two pregnancies and not really sticking to any sort of diet,  I had put on more weight than I really wanted to deal with.   I hated the way I looked, clothes shopping was not any fun, and I just wanted to change.   My sister was getting married in September of that year, I made a short term goal to loose 2 pounds a month so that by September, I would be 18 pounds lighter.   There, resolution made, plan in place, I felt good.    September came, and I was just shy of my weight goal, but none the less, I felt good. 

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2007, another day I will never forget.   I stepped on the scale to check the numbers before the holiday weekend began and that day marked a total loss of 50 pounds.   I had done it.   I didn't jump up and down or anything like that, rather I remember sitting on the steps thinking back about how I had done it.  I felt good, because I had lost the weight, but I had also stuck with something and had done something that was good for myself.  

This Thanksgiving marks 3 years that I have maintained very close to the weight I was at Thanksgiving of 2007.   It as been work and been a continual effort of keeping after my diet after slipping, as a diet tends to do.   January 1, 2011 will be the five year anniversary of making the goal, it is hard to even fathom it.  

Today begins a new personal journey.   I have proven to myself that I can keep the weight off.   I have done that.  My new goal involves exercise.   It is an area that I really lack in as I did not loose weight by exercising, but by portion control alone.   I mean, I walk or I will play Wii Fit, but really exercise was not a priority.  Last Thursday I joined the Healthy Living Center.   I was scared, excited, and overwhelmed.  

My dad took me to the center to help me get started as I had never set foot in a fitness center before.   He mentioned I might want an extra change of clothes depending on how much I sweat when I exercise.  Packing an extra set, I thought "I don't sweat much."  He gave me a great idea for remembering my code in the locker room so I am not one of the people staring at a locker that has my belongings locked in it that I cannot access due to forgotten codes.  Next he showed me where the towels are and grabbed one.   I followed suit thinking, "I don't sweat much." 

We started on the treadmills and I thought to myself, I can do this.   No sweat!  After about four minutes Dad said I seemed to be doing well, I could bump up the intensity if I wanted to.   Sure, why not?!?!  After about 15 minutes on the treadmills, my dad asked if I was OK, to which I replied, doing great!   He left to do some other exercises and I put my music on.   I followed each incline change that was on the program and all of a sudden I was walking inclines of 21% then 24% and yikes, it hit 30% incline.  Honestly I think it is the first time I have ever had a workout like that, and I am glad I grabbed a towel! 

Here is to day one at the fitness center.   It wasn't as scary as I had anticipated, thanks Dad!   I am planning to go back again tomorrow.   Next week, I have scheduled a Wellness Evaluation.   I have no high hopes or unrealistic expectations of this exam.   I know I am out of shape...after all, that is why I am going to the center.  I don't know how I am going to measure this goal yet, I am hoping the evaluation next week will give me some answers to that.   In the mean time, I am going to head back to the fitness center and hopefully get my bearings. 


  1. Way to go! Being a fellow mom with her own 7 yr old baby weight to lose, this is an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. This is SO COOL Janelle! I am so proud of you - way to go!!!