Unexpected Moments

My phone is ringing, and I am running out the door.  While sliding into the car, I see that it is Mark calling.   Accustomed to quick conversations while he is running between meetings, I pick up the phone to see how his morning has been.   A meeting has canceled, and Mark is calling to see if I have some time to grab some lunch with him.   While Mondays are the busiest day of the week for both of us, today it just happens that our schedules work and we are able to meet.  What a gift in my day. 

When I processed the kids going to school and both being gone all day, I had no idea that there would be rare moments that our schedules would jive and we could sneak in some time together.  Somehow, these unexpected moments have become moments I look forward to, even though I don't know when they will happen. 


  1. Love that picture of you two! Glad you got the time together.