A Little Extra Safety

Each morning there are three members of my family that have a very busy road to cross in order to get where they are going.   I would like to say luckily there is a stop light that assists in this crossing, and a school zone to slow down the traffic.   However, in the four years that we have had to cross this street, I have seen how many people really do not slow down for a school zone.   I cannot tell you how many times Mark has come home from work and told that he was almost hit in the crosswalk due to people not paying attention.   Granted it is early in the morning and for nine months of the year dark when he is crossing the street, but there is a red light, for goodness sake stop the car!  

Unfortunately people running the red light does not happen only at seven o'clock.   It seems to happen at nine o'clock and three thirty as well.  Lucky for us, the crossing guard that helps the kids cross the street takes her job so seriously.   If someone comes too close to the crosswalk in their car she is yelling, blowing her whistle, anything she can do to get their attention.   She as even come so close as to hit her stop sign on the hood of a car!   I love this lady for protecting my children as they cross the street as it seems there are so many preoccupied drivers out there. 

This year, E joined the school crossing guard program, and he is very excited about this opportunity.   I am glad he is helping his school mates cross these streets.   Of course I still send my family out the door praying for them as they navigate their way to school and work, but I am thankful for the people who are there to help the little ones by providing a little extra safety. 

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