My View

There are times when language fails.   There are times when a photograph just doesn't compare.   Maybe a person with the gift of words could explain better.  Perhaps a professional photographer could do better.   Maybe it is just because it is mine that it is special and no amount of words or pictures would make it just as special to another person.   I don't know.   Here is my feeble attempt to share with you a view that I look forward to each year.  

In my favorite room in my home, the window frames the reds, oranges, and yellows that I love this time of year. 


  1. what a gorgeous tree and such a wonderful view out your window...

    there are some pretty spectacular shades of orange and red and yellow and every color in between out there right now. I am hoping for a little excursion with my sweetie on Monday finally to take in some of those views!

  2. The colors are really pretty this year. I have learned that I really do like fall. I think in years past I have not liked fall because it comes before the winter that I dread so much. Maybe I can learn to like winter too. :)

    Enjoy your excursion with your sweetie! Monday looks to still be nice weather wise.