A Family Project

We had conferences at school on Thursday night.   This was a goal setting conference for each of the kids for the year.  We heard glowing reports of both kids from their teachers, which always makes these kinds of meetings fun for us.   As a result of E's goal setting conference, our family is on an eight month project that I am kind of excited about. 

Our family is a group of avid readers.   If you look into anyone of our bedrooms, you will find a stack of books beside the bed containing the book we are currently reading, and a pile of books that is on our "to read" list.   Trips to the library are frequent with large stacks of books coming and going.

The goal for E is to expand beyond the magic and fantasy books that he has been absorbed in.   His teacher would like him to explore the other wonderful authors that have written books.    Mark and I, loving to read like we do, are both thought this was a great goal.   We as a family are going to take the next eight months to expand our horizons and read from some different genres that we don't generally read from. 

Eight different genres written on pieces of paper were drawn from a cup to determine the schedule.   Each month we have a new genre and a new book.   We each read a different book, and one that we have not read before.   At the end of the month, we will all talk about the book we have read and compare notes.  

For the month of October the genre is Historical Fiction.   Basically the rule for this month was that the story had to take place in the past, be fiction, and of course no magic or fantasy.  :)

Mark is reading The Red Ripper by Kerry Newcomb 
I am reading The Kite Rider by Geraldine Mccaughrean
E is reading one of the Bobbsey Twins books
Addy is reading some of the American Girl books.