Long before the alarm was set to begin our day, I find myself awake.   The house is quiet and peaceful, nothing out of the ordinary in that realm.   Rather, a deep sense of gratitude and awe has pulled me from my sleep.   

Before the sun has even begun its climb in the eastern sky, I am on my knees attempting to put into words the feelings that are overflowing inside of me, but they fail.  Words cannot describe the feelings.   I take comfort in the fact that He does not need them anyway.   He knows. 

The tears sliding down my cheeks in the quiet morning hours could have so easily been tears of grief but, because of Him,  they are tears of relief.   Had any of the circumstances changed just a little, it could have been a very different situation.   This time, I do not believe it was chance or luck, rather it was His protection, and for that I cannot say "Thank You" enough.

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