At A Loss For Words

I open the mail box, flipping through the mail before pulling it out of the box. I am delighted to find the cream colored envelope, blue text on the front, bringing news from our friends around the world. While opening the envelope, the guessing game begins, which little life do we get to learn more about today? Does this letter contain pictures, or perhaps a bible verse?

The envelope is open, the suspense is over.... Ahh, I was just thinking about this one. I scan the letter first, look at the beautiful drawing, then read it again a second time, absorbing the words on the page. The routine is always the same. I read a third time, not wanting to put the letter down as it is my connection to this life, this child. So much joy floods into my day on "Compassion Letter Day."

Yesterday, it was different. The correspondence from a far away country brought news that Mother and Father had split. The child and Mother are now living with the grandmother.

"Please pray for strength for me and my mother
as we now live with my grandmother.....
My brother is good. I miss my Father."

My heart is breaking as I hold the letter close to my heart. How I long to wrap my arms around our child, to whisper in the ear of the love that I have inside for this hurting one.

Mark asked me what I am going write in the next letter,.... I just hope that the words come soon and that I can put them into a letter that will cross country lines, cross cultures, and translate while still expressing my deep sorrow at the new life circumstances and that no matter what...

"I love you."

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