Five Minute Friday

I have been following Lisa-Jo, on her blog for awhile now and have been intrigued by her Five Minute Friday.   She gives a topic, of which you write five minutes on, without editing or over thinking.

Hesitant to give it a try, here is my first attempt. 

On Friends



You have been there from the start, and how lucky I am that you are in my life.   I do not take for granted that not only are you my mom, you are one of my best friends.  As I have grown up and become an adult, you allowed me to become my own person.   I am the person I am today because of your love, support, and friendship.   I appreciate your help as I navigate the stages of motherhood, thank you for being the example for me that you did not have. 

To my sister, I remember the nights we would lie awake in bed, sharing secrets, joys, hurts, and struggles.   I remember holding hands as we would fall asleep each night.  We are grown up now and despite the ups and downs in life, we can still share secrets, joys, hurts, and struggles.

 To you both, I hope and pray that this continues as our journey in life continues.    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship.  I love you both.


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