Allowing Creativity to Flow

Today I found something that has caused me to pause, think, and ponder.   My thoughts are not all pulled together yet, which is usually when I blog about something.   But today the thoughts are not settling as easily as other days, so I thought I would put this out there and see what you think.  

In one of the blogs I was reading this morning the author talks about her confession as a Type A mother trying to raise her daughter who is not programmed the same way she is.   Rather than my summarizing her story which she has so eloquently told, please see her post here

I find that I relate to her story of the schedules, asking her daughter to get everything done before play time, in fact from the moment they get home from school, there is a "to do" list.   Even if I am teaching piano, they know the list, or I leave a note with everything that needs to be done.   This is how I live my life, I am a planner, a task oriented, finish one thing-move to the next, type person.  

But I wonder if I am pushing my children into a personality style that they are not.   Both are very creative.   If there is down time, Addy is drawing, painting, making clay models, or in some imaginary world that she has created with her dolls and stuffed animals.  E is programming, inventing, creating, and dreaming up computer programs or videos.    When they have their own time, I am amazed at the things that come from their creativity!  

I wonder though, where the balance of getting homework, music practice, chores comes in and letting them have "their" time.   In past experience if I haven't reminded, left lists, etc, things don't get done.   Is that because they know I am there always reminding, always talking, sounding like clanging cymbals?  If they had their own time, would it all happen as this blog author talks about? 

This is the balance I am contemplating today.   I doubt I can or that it will change overnight, or even this week.   But for today, it has given me food for thought.  

How do I maintain life where tasks are accomplished as they should be while letting my children have the space to get them done with the creativity that they have? 

If you have thoughts, I would love to hear them. 

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