So Special

Today I received an early birthday present from two very special four year old girls.   I walked into their class this morning to collect them for our computer time and was presented with these two beautiful pieces of art:

I love them!   I am going to keep them as a reminder of the children who were in my life for a very short season. 

The other part of my day that I don't want to forget is a story about another little boy at another center that I was at today.   He has been a challenging student all year.    He has been the hardest student for me to work with.   I have at times been ready to send him back to his classroom and ask the teacher to not send him back to class.    Even the director at the day care center said this student would be the death of her one day.  While getting the children for class today, this little boy came running up to me and grabbed my hand.   He then began talking to me (a first) telling me how he was such a fast runner because he was the first one in line for class today.   Once we were all settled in our group and talking about today's lesson he raised his hand (another first) so I called on him.   He said, "Miss Janelle, your necklace is so beautiful."   I don't know if it was just the day or if we have crossed a new bridge together.   That, I may never know, but none the less, I am glad that today we had that connection. 

After nine months of stretching, learning, and growing, we are near the end of my contract.  I have two weeks left with these children.   I am so thankful that this week was a good week with them.   I think back to my interview and remember my boss saying that the first part of the year is hard because the kids have to learn about you, learn your systems, learn your style, learn how you do things.   He also said that May is easy, the children know you, they know your systems, and they know how you do things.   I am so glad that the hard part is in the past and that I am left with the good time and remember that as I move onto another new journey in life. 

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