A New Addition

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the newest addition to our Compassion family.   This happened a couple of months ago when our church was having a Compassion Sunday.   I wrote a little bit about the experience here.  What I did not mention in that post was that our family also found a new child to sponsor.   One night a week before Compassion Sunday,  we opened the box of packets as a family, we all took a different stack to look through.   In the stack that I had, which was children from Asia, the third packet in the stack was a little girl from the Philippines.  I looked at her picture and was instantly drawn to her.  

Was it the hint of the smile on her face or her pretty pink dress, I am not sure.   I then looked at her name and then her birthday.   It was a done deal, I knew she had to become part of our family.   August 14, 1999, when Mark and I were saying our vows, across the Pacific Ocean a little girl was born and now we had an opportunity to correspond and pray for each other.    I showed her picture to Mark and said, she is it. 

I have written two letters to Mary Grace, I hope she has received at least one of them letting her know about our special connection.   Compassion bloggers are set to leave tomorrow for a sponsor trip to the Philippines, I cannot wait to read about their trip and hopefully get a small glimpse into Mary Grace's world all the while wishing it was my bags being loaded on the plane to make the trip.   I hear of the typhoon that is impacting her country now and lift her up in prayer that she and her family are safe.  

Today we received our first letter from Mary Grace!   What a wonderful thing to have in our mailbox today.   She introduces herself to us and we find out that her favorite color is indeed pink!   Today, the picture of the little girl with a small smile in the pink dress become more than just a picture of a person, today the picture is more interesting as I know just a little bit more about her. 

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  1. Aw, she is so beautiful!! I love hearing how families connect with their sponsored children! I, too, am looking forward to reading the posts from the Compassion bloggers! We have been sponsoring since 2009 and I closely followed the last two trips. Amazing!