A crazy weekend, but oh, so worth it!

Hi Friends,  I have missed being here writing about and reflecting upon life.    Truthfully though, it is probably better for those who do/did read my blog as life has become very structured and routine for the present.   The days are long, some grueling, some exciting, but all follow the same routine, of which I choose not to bore you with the details of!   So bear with me as my life is in an interesting journey for another month and a half, and in the summer, I will be back to blogging.   :) 

This weekend is one that I just couldn't wait to share with you though.   It was just too good to wait.  First and the most exciting for me was that this weekend was Compassion Sunday at church.   We were able to stand behind a table while 14 children gained sponsors this weekend!   My heart was just soaring.  I am so excited and so happy for these children.  

I love standing at the table and watching the different ways people choose their children.   Some look for a specific date.   One couple found a little boy whose birthday was on their anniversary.   One family picked their child because the little girl was born the same year as their son.  Others choose a child based on family...  One lady picked up a little girl because "it was the only way (she) was going to get a little girl."   I love watching the selection process and the smiles that are on people's faces as they walk away from the table holding their new sponsored child.

My favorite "story" that happened today is about a lady who came up to the table wanting to sponsor a child.  She didn't really have any preference on which child she would sponsor, just wanted to make a difference in someone's life.   Mark handed her a packet of a little boy in Africa all dressed in denim.   Mark commented on how cute he was.   The lady took the envelope, paid her sponsorship fee and walked away with a smile.   When we got home from church, Mark received an e-mail from this lady saying that the little boy that she is now sponsoring has the same birthday as she does.   What a fun connection they both share now.  

I absolutely love the weekends I can witness people making a choice to make a difference in a child's life.  

In other news for the weekend, our family ran in the Hope For Haiti run/bike/walk put on by our church.  Mark and the kids ran the 5K race.   I am so proud of them.   They put out a great effort and finished strong. 

I ran the 10K race with my dad.   It was a great run and I enjoyed the time with him.  This run marked the half way point in my training schedule.   The half-marathon is now seven weeks from today.   The month and a half ahead brings some bigger mileage than I have ever pictured myself running.   I am nervous and excited at the same time.    Here we go! 

The weekend is over, we are heading into another busy week, but I am so glad that despite the busy weekend, it was packed with so many good thing.   It gives me something to hang onto and remember as the week begins.  


  1. How awesome that so many children were sponsored this weekend! Thank you to you and your family for the work you do to make this happen.

    Congrats on the run.....you did great! I have a cute pic of you and your dad I'll send your way.

  2. Thanks Cheri, I would like a copy of it. We didn't take any pictures that day, even of the kids. :(

  3. I am so thrilled to reading about so many Compassion Sunday stories out in the blog-o-sphere! 14 sponsored children, that is just amazing! Thank you for sharing Compassion with your church. CI has become a passion in my life and I get so excited to think of how these lives will be impacted!

  4. Michelle,

    I thank you for stopping by to read about our Compassion Sunday. Compassion is also a passion in my family's life. We were all excited to share with others the joy that comes from seeing changed lives. It has been fun to see what is happening for others on their Compassion Sundays as well. What a fun weekend!