Why I Love Him So

There are many things I love about Mark.   This man that I love can read books at speeds that make me dizzy.   The craziest part of it all is the recall that he has after reading.   If you ask him about a book that he read five years ago, chances are pretty good that he can remember the book and tell you quite a bit about it.   His love for music, all genres, boarders on obscene.  (In a good way.)   If you mention an artist or group that you like, he can usually mention two or three others that you might like that are similar.   Always perusing newspapers, news sites, and blogs, he can have a conversation on almost any topic brought up. 

As a great problem solver, he is successful in his career and makes life easier at home when I have something that I just can't get resolved.  He is a great father and husband.   He is great with the kids, always encouraging their interests.   He is always patient with the many questions that come when E is learning about new technology or talking about sports.   He is ready to listen to a new song that Addy has written or look at the new masterpieces she has created with her art supplies.   Mark is a very helpful and supportive husband.   Whenever I get a whim to try or do something new, he is right along side me.  

Another thing I love about my husband is his willingness to keep after a project.   Upon moving into our house four years ago, we found out that our master bath was in desperate need of a re-do.  There was no option, it had to be fixed.   Since then we have repaired and replaced most of the plumbing in this house.   My dear husband who is not at all a fan of plumbing has been constantly working on replacing leaky pipes, toilets, and faucets.   You name it, he has either fixed it or given it a good attempt.  Last night our toilet started to leak, this being the third toilet in our three bathroom house that has needed to be repaired.   As I attempt to help by handing tools, keeping dry towels on hand, and keeping the kids busy and out of the way, I am so thankful for this man who goes into these projects with a sense of dread, but usually comes through them successful. 

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  1. Way to go Mark! Plumbing is definitely not one of Kirk's favorite jobs either...but I am so thankful he can do it!