A Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated E's birthday with his friends.   He wanted to have a party at the Rec Center so he could go swimming.   He had a couple of friends come and they spent a couple of hours in the pool and then had cake and present time.  

E was so excited to go off the diving boards after learning to swim and be in the deep end of the pool during swimming camp this summer.   He hit the diving boards right away and did great!   E kept looking at the high dive and really wanted to try it.   So, he climbed the ladder to the top, and took his first jump off the high dive.   He was ecstatic!   

His friends that were at his party have been friends since kindergarten.   It has been fun to see the boys grow up together and remain friends through each year, sometimes being in the same class, other times not.   I wonder how long the friendships will last, hoping that they survive middle school and high school.   These kids are great, and I am so glad that E has them as friends. 

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