Cherished Moments

Yesterday my boss sent his son off to boot camp.   The pain that it caused him was evident on his face.   He has been talking about this day for three months, knowing how much he would miss his son.   This man has invested greatly into his children which is evident from the stories that he tells and the places that his children are now at.    When he walked into the office yesterday, he commented that it was a hard morning at their house and said, "He is gone."  Next he looked at me and said, "Spend every moment you can with your children, the time comes so fast when they leave."  

This is not the first time that I have heard these words, but yesterday was a fresh reminder.   God has given us a gift in our children.   As a parent, my responsibility is to love my children, teach them life lessons that will prepare them for the future.   Through the ups and downs of my children growing up, I have come to embrace each moment.   The struggles and the bumps build the relationship just as much as the fun and goofy moments.   I understand that now, even though it is not always easy.  There are so many times where I find myself in a moment with my children where I want to soak up the moment and never forget it.   I pray that there are many more moments like this in the future. 

As I think about these words, I am reminded that each person in my life is a gift.   There is no guarantee for tomorrow.    As I start my day today, I am thanking God for the loved ones in my life.  


  1. Greg just posted something similar....check it out...

  2. Kar,

    I happened upon his post before I saw your comment! :) What a great post. I also noticed your blog post about the day with your kids on Monday and what a good day it was for you. Another great post!