A Big Day At Our House

Today was a big day at our house.    Upon arrival of my morning run, Addy greets me at the door jumping up and down because a butterfly had emerged from its chrysalis.  We greeted our new little friend and inspected the beautiful wings that were drying.  

I told the kids to get ready for the day because we needed to go get flowers for the bottom of the butterfly net.   In the hour that it took us to get ready for the day, we had two more butterflies come out of their chrysalises.   We have spent the rest of the day observing the butterflies in the various stages of opening and drying their wings, and to our surprise, they have a beautiful orange and black coloring on the top of their wings. 

As if the day could not get any better, I came home to four letters from our Compassion children in our mailbox!   I absolutely love these cream colored envelopes that are slipped in among the other mail.  They are our connection to a life in another part of the world.   A life that we are praying for and have come to love.  

It is always interesting to read what the kids have found to write to us about.   Sometimes it is just about the weather.   Other times, we get more information about them, and these are the letters I treasure close to my heart.  

Our little girl in Honduras asks Mark about his birthday and how he celebrated his "completion" of another year.   She asks about E and Addy's swimming classes because she wishes she could take a class like that.   She has received a diploma of honor for good marks in her class.   Asking about my uncle who has cancer, she says she has been praying for him daily and cannot wait for the letter saying that he has been healed by God.  (Which he has come through his treatments and is doing well.)  She continues to pray that God will make her dream come true, her dream that she can see us in person and give us a hug.   She knows that we have one dream in common. 

Our young man from India is a faithful writer with letters in our mailbox about once a month.  This month we got a letter and a thank you note from him.   He continues to pray for us daily and thanks us for the birthday money we sent him in January because he used it to buy clothes and bathing soap.  This makes him happy because he didn't have any.   My heart cries out for this young man and my prayers continue to go up for him as he is doing well in school despite the poverty.   I pray that he can beat the odds and make a life for himself. 

Our newest young lady in the Philippines writes to thank us for the letter of introduction and information about our family.   She asks us to thank the kids for their pictures they drew and to let them know that she thinks they are very cute. 

These letters bring a connection for me.   I know how much I look forward to reading them and to having them in my hands.   I am so glad that God has brought the seven young people into our lives.   Perhaps in the future we will make it to the six countries that they all live in so that I can personally give each of them a hug and let them know how much they are loved. 


  1. Janelle...I love your blog posts. The passion and intentionality(?) with which you do life is nothing short of inspiring.

    And I secretly hope that I can be just like you when I grow up. ;-)

  2. Kar,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment. It really means a lot!